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The White Residence, Thailand
where your band shacks up
Sleeps 20: 10 rooms, swimming pool, home theatre, chef, staff, concierge & butler

The wood drifted here; 
you'll probably fly scheduled. But the first time you run your hands down the roughwork – not a single room nor a single chair looks like its neighbour – you'll remember what individuality means again, even if you've spent the year in HilSheraSamey hell.
FOR THE FLIGHT: Peter's "My Crossover Classical Album". Even if it's not your everyday iPod choice, Peter's try at chocolatey strings instead of abrasive guitar will lull you into the Indo – or was that Indie – mood.
DAY 'TIL DUSK: Euro Fluro's "Yet More Dancey Stuff". Slow-down pace gives a sense of place; no need for 140bpm because your heart won't be going that fast. Try it. Pulse but not pulsating.
THE WITCHING HOUR: Try whalesong. Fish swear by it. Open the windows and let the biggest creatures of all serenade your seafood. Turn it down to 5 even if the dial goes up to 11.
Marais House, Paris
need to bottle a rainbow?
Sleeps 8 comfortably: 4 bedrooms, 3 cloakrooms, elevator, 3e arrondissement

The furniture is a wet dream by David Bowie.
 And the hallway looks like a technicolour flowerbed. Minimal Marais House ain't: the explosions of colour here make rococo look like Bauhaus. But it's a got a terrace, a wonderful terrace, where the view over the curlicue'd rooftops is the opening scene for the movie of your life. Write the next act here.
FOR THE FLIGHT: MC Homie's "Yo Wassup Ma Homie". A beat that explodes eight ways from Sunday is the ideal intro to a fortnight of ideation. And the walls are soundproof, too.
DAY 'TIL DUSK: No music. Just art. Try MC Esher's graphical conundrums: we'll run off some prints for you to pin up and puzzle over. This space gets you thinking – and provides ideas of its own.
THE WITCHING HOUR: 9pm. Be here on the dot; it's the one thing the French are on time about. When Paris's lights switch on, you've got the best seats in the house. Put on some stirring Beethoven and give the moment its head.
homes hold treasured memories
Places for sale with a story to tell: 
(Slides from Left to Right)
Slide 1: An extraordinary bolt-hole in the heart of France. 16th Century moated Chateau with drawbridge in a walled estate. c30 acres of parkland and lakes & three airports within 60km.  
Slide 2: Recording studio & 5 bedroom 13th Century Farmhouse in Devon: Kustom Konstruction built studio with great acoustics also has one bedroom accommodation and amenities.
Slide 3: Livin' la Dolce Vita in Tuscany: this luxury estate comprises of 2 Villas & La Fattoria all on 55 hectares of land with commanding views of the hills with olive groves and woods.
Slide 4:  Ideal for Jazz afficionados, this Caribbean hideaway: sits on the edge of Mount Pleasant & overlooks an extraordinarily beautiful, wild and remote beach with turquoise coral reefs off shore. 

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